"Diving for Pearls" Excerpt Published in Los Angeles Review of Books

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The wait is over! Today, the Los Angeles Review of Books published the excerpt from my new book, Diving for Pearls: A Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt.

ImageI am delighted to see my book’s cover on the front page of today’s edition of the LARB. I am hoping it will bring some advance notice to the book, which will have its official release date on November 25, 2013. That’s when you can order it from your independent bookseller or online, in either print or eBook version (available in all digital formats).

Readying the book for release has been a tedious process, but I can finally see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I finalized all changes and uploaded the latest version to Ingram Spark a few days ago. By Friday, I will have the first print copies in my hand for one last look before pressing the “release” button, which sends the book out on all Ingram’s distribution channels.

In the course of events leading to release, I’ve discovered many useful writing resources, including online proofreader, which I mention at the beginning of this post. I’ve also learned a lot about advance marketing, reviews and other post-production activities essential to a book’s success. And I am interested in sharing what I learned with other writers who, like me, might decide to go the independent route. Watch soon for annoncements about solicitation of other books for Thinking Women Books’ list.

For instance, ForeWord Reviews is an excellent source for the latest news and reviews about books produced by independent presses. I’ve taken out an ad in their next issue, which hits Barnes and Noble bookstores and thousands of other venues in few weeks, just in time, I hope, for holiday ordering.

Here’s the ad, which includes pull quotes from advance reviews of the book.

I intend to enter the book in ForeWord’s book award competition. And I’m searching for other similar ways to showcase it. Any ideas you have? Send them along.

Meanwhile, thanks for following me on this journey.