Travails and Trials of Blog Development

Oh, the vagaries and frustrations of self-instruction in the wired world....I've entered the rabbit hole....When will I exit and where??

I recently joined Blogcritics, an exciting cabal of writers publishing news, opinion, reviews, etc. on all manner of subjects...

One of the great advantages of Blogcritics is connecting with an international brigade of folks committed to public dialogue about all manner of subjects, and who are willing to share tips, including on technical matters, along the rocky writing road.

For instance, one of the writers, "Jet" in Columbus, Ohio, designed the above nifty logo and shared it with the group for use on our sites. Despite the fact that I have not figured out yet how to load the logo onto the home page of my blog, even with some technical assistance, another detour in the web enabled me to share it with you in this brief piece.

"Blogs of note" is one of the features on Blogger. I entered and found The View From Here, a blog written by Shelly of New York City, who describes herself as "a middle-aged public librarian who has gotten addicted to blogging." Shelly provided an incredibly useful list of sites for the writer through her links, (in case you don't know, like I didn't, is a social bookmarking site that allows you to list and share useful sites you've discovered, adding to or viewing these from any computer, something that's immensely helpful to globetrotters like me) and one of these led me to Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer, on which this piece is being written/edited, is collaborative writing software through which you can create pieces and upload them directly to your blog (useful to someone who edits others' work or works with teams of writers.) I thought, why not see if this was a way to upload the logos I have been unable to upload through modifications to my blogger template, but wanted to share--both to celebrate Blogcritics and thanks Jet in Columbus.

It worked! And along the way, I discovered a few resources to share with you (see above) in this short piece. (Well, it worked partly; when I tried to upload the whole piece directly from Zoho to Blogger, there was a problem...more research to follow on that.)

Jet's a prolific and exciting writer, by the way, who covers topics in contemporary politics and culture. He created another logo/link to his works on Blogcritics and by way of thank you for his time, let me post it here:

Addendum: The problem, it turns out, was not mine but the beta version of Blogger. When I entered the code in the classic version, to which I have now reverted, all was well.

So, the icons are now in their place, and all is right with the world.

Another review of mine on Blogcritics Magazine to follow next week's trip to Los Angeles's Colony Theatre to review Debra Ehrhardt's one-woman show, Jamaica Farewell.