Public Speaking

Lectures, Conferences, and Workshops

I taught Women’s Studies at San Diego State University for many years. I also have lectured at many other universities and public events on a diverse range of topics in the Humanities and Social Sciences. As someone committed to generating public dialogue on important issues of our time, I am available to speak at conferences, workshops, and community meetings. I also enjoy moderating panels, organizing workshops, and facilitating discussions.

Some recent lecture topics include:

  • “Writing Out of Bounds: Transitioning from Academic Writing to Personal Narrative.”

  • “Writing as a Practice of Vulnerability.”

  • “How Could It Happen to Her? Understanding Domestic Violence.”

  • “Diving for Pearls: A Woman’s Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt.”

  • “Reflections on Gender and Violence: A Philosophical Journey with Hannah Arendt.”

  • “Why Hannah Arendt? Why Now?”

  • “Thinking about Democracy in an Age of Uncertainty.”

  • “Women and Politics.”

  • “Where in the World is Women's Studies? Gender and Multiculturalism in Curriculum Transformation.”

  • “`Aux Citoyennes': Women, Politics and the Paris Commune of 1871.”

  • “Citizenship, Feminism, and Civic Action.”

  • “On Authority, or Why Women Are Not Entitled to Speak.”

To invite me to participate in an event, please email me at kathy at kathleenbjones dot com

I look forward to working with you!